Friday, June 6, 2014

Climbing Bear

Last weekend I went to a woodcarving rendezvous at a KOA campground. I enjoy seeing friends that you don't see very often. Friday and Saturday there were 3 and 6 hour classes. Tom Ellis taught an old toy of climbing bears. They are 4 1/2 inches tall. You pull on the cords to make the bear climb up the cord.  I started carving a pig the next day, but didn't get to finish it because I taught a class on the mini duck that afternoon. I am almost done carving it at home. There was also a contest to carve a coffee spoon from cut out blanks. There was another spoon, but I missed getting a picture of it with the others. We were judged and then divided in two teams and had to carry water to fill a jar, Excellent weather and good fun.

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