Friday, August 31, 2012

Santa Ornaments

When I go camping there is time to relax and carve. I take small projects and try different things. In these ornaments I was working on the beard of the Santa. I have more work on carving hair to do, but I'm gaining. Harold Enlow wrote a few steps in carving hair. 
1. Make long sweeping s-cuts. Make the change in direction severe.
2. Begin s-cuts adjacent to a previous cut, then after a short distance, merge into a previous cut. 
3. Begin some cuts between previous cuts. Avoid making a pattern.
4. Go over some areas to deepen the flow. Try to remove all flat spots in the hair.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Carving Rendezvous

We had rather warm days during our stay at the West Glacier Rendezvous. It was a fun time carving and a surprise visit from a mom and her four daughters playing their fiddles after our barbeque. Saturday morning we had a group project carving a bear. There were several examples with different clothes. The blank was cut at 4 inches so you could get three out of a 12 inch block. We also carved on Thursday and Friday. Most are small projects for a three hour class.

The head is carved separate from the body of my turtle. When I glued the head on with Super Glue, the head stuck on at little more angle than I wanted.   

I never did chip caving before so I did a practice class and than an egg. He had us use a 1/4 inch square for the chip design. It took a lot of time to draw out the design so I carved it quicker than I would have liked. I like the design so I will try it again.

I taught a class on a Norwegian horse. I had carved in the saddle and reigns so it would be more of a challenge to the more experienced carvers. The highlight was with two ladies that haven't carved before. They were at the campground and saw us carving and wanted to try. The older lady wanted to know when it was next year so she could learn some more. The other lady was an eight year old girl. At that age she doesn't have enough strength to carve clean cuts. I was behind her and held onto the knife with her and carved the horse. She had a finished horse and I was able to go around and help the other carvers. Her brother took a different class that afternoon and was seen buying knives with his dad later.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012