Monday, August 8, 2016

Carving a Little Guy

These Little Guys are carved from one inch square by three inches tall basswood. My inspiration for carving these small guys came from Jack Price and Don Mertz and some of the information comes from these men. For the head I go 1 inch from the top in front and 5/8 inch in the back. The rest of the space is divided in three. The middle line is the waist and the bottom line is the knees. The bottom lines are 1/16 inch at the back to the front corner. The front of the foot is 1/4 inch from the bottom. Carve or saw out knee area.

Carve from front center line to the middle of the side middle line. If carving a fist or cane leave materiel in that area. Remark lines for reference.

Carve around head, 3/16 inch at the front and 1/8 inch on the sides and back. I also carve 1/16 inch off the back of the head to move head forward and 1/16 inch off the sides to narrow the head. Also scoop carve from the knees to the bottom angle that was drawn.
The arm is 1/4 inch wide. 
Next I carve the back of the arms and buttocks. Carve the front of the arms and pocket. I like to have a thumb sticking out. It add a little without carving the hole hand. 

 I mark the head in three parts, the top line the eye brows and the bottom line the bottom of the nose. The front of the ear is at the center of the head. The back is 3/16 from the front. The top is at the brow line and bottom is at the bottom nose line. You can carve ether the head or the legs next. I will explain the legs first although pictures also show the head.

The front and back start the same.Cut straight in down the leg line. Then cut in at an angle to the bottom of the first cut on both sides. The buttock side forms a T and the front forms a Y. Carve in shoes. You are ready to carve in clothes. 

   For the head carve simple ears and carve in hair line. Thanks to Jack Price for a study guide for the face. 1. v cut for the brow, 2. eye cut, v cut on both sides, 3. cut bottom of nose, 4. cut off outside angle of nose, 5. chip cut at outside of angle cuts, 6. cut smile lines, 7. round out mouth mound, 8. cut straight in top of nose to smile line. Make a cut into this line. 9. from a little above the smile line make a scope cut to top of nose. I also take a chip cut off the outside bottom of nose. 10. re-cut eyes. Different angles will give different looks. I also cut small v cut on each side of nose and start eye brows. The eyes are painted in.  11. cut in mouth line. Lower bottom to bring bottom lip down. 12. lower lip cut in with knife or small gouge.Carving Small Characters by Jack Price give a better explanation. I hope this helps a little in carving little guys.