Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hillbilly Knife

This last weekend I attended the Spokane Carvers Rendezvous. There were a lot of great classes, food, and friends. I taught a class on a folk art horse with the saddle and reins carved in. I also was able to take in two classes. The Hillbilly Knife was a 3 hour class. I finished the hair, cleaned up my cuts, glued in the knife blade and painted him at home. This is a story told to me of a great grandma who lived in the hills. She heard the chickens making some racket and took her gun to see what it was about. A chicken dropped from a tree. She thought maybe a raccoon was in the tree so she shot her gun. Well this fellow fell from the tree and went running over the hill. So she had that chicken for dinner and that rascal was still running.


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